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The Gateway Resort to the
Big Bend

Vacation home rentals and tent camping

725 Roadrunner Circle

Terlingua, Texas. 79852

Paisano Azul Ranch3 white.png

About Paisano Azul Ranch

Paisano Azul Ranch is a 5 star rated vacation home rental which offers incredible 360 views of the Chisos Mountains, Santa Elena Canyon and Terlingua Creek. We are located on 30 acres. We have unique vacation rentals to enjoy and relax after a day in the park. Not to mention gazing at the gorgeous sunrise and and countless stars in the night sky.

We are centrally located in Terlingua/Study Butte, TX.

We are a quick drive to the Ghost Town,


Vacation Home

Unique Vacation Home Rental Options in Western Texas

Located only three miles from the Big Bend National Park, Paisano Azul Ranch is a 5 star rated BNB with beautiful vacation home rentals on 30 acres .

The modern house has a big comfortable covered porch for watching the sunrise and having coffee. The Boho Chic Yurt has a large deck to watch the beautiful sunrise. Enjoying the evening breeze and a view of the starry night sky and Milky Way no matter which rental you choose.

We are centrally located in Terlingua/Study Butte, TX.

We are a quick drive to the Ghost Town,

In addition to being closely located, only 3 miles, to the Big Bend National Park, we are only 10 minutes to the Ghost town and a 15 minute drive to the State Park. Beside a great location, Paisano Azul Ranch offers -

Modern House– Vacation Home Rental

A one-bedroom, 540-square-foot cabin is available for $289 per night.

Accommodates five with a king and double bed.

Includes A/C, WIFI & TV

Kitchen & Linens

Private 4 person Hot tub

Water from our Artesian well

Minimum Night Stay – 2 Nights

Private 6 man hot tub-available for an extra fee/night.

BoHo Chic Yurt - Vacation Home Rental

A one bedroom, 480- sq ft. yurt is available for

$289 per night.

Accommodates 4 with a queen bed and a couch which make a full.

The Yurt boasts a smoke tinted dome to view the stars from inside.

Includes A/C, WIFI & Flat screen smart TV

Linens with Kitchenette

Private Large 40x40ft deck with great views of the desert.

Private 4 man hot tub- available for an extra fee at night.


Ready to Book the Modern House? or The Boho Yurt?


Ready to Book at The Oasis?

Have a comment or question for Paisano Azul Ranch, please contact our staff online, by phone/text at (817) 312-6862, or by email.




for the BNB


Resident car parking


Shampoo and Conditioner


Free wifi access 


Gas/Charcoal BBQ pit


Tea & coffee maker


Certified Drinkable Well Water

The Oasis Campgrounds
at Paisano Azul Ranch

The Oasis Campgrounds is a top star campground which has 7 campsites with shade sails, picnic table and fire pit at each site. Located on the backside of the property, the campsites are shaded from morning sun and have great view of Reeds plateau. There are flushable Porta Johns available close by the campsites.  The outdoor showers are located at the front of the property with hot and cold water. A wash basin is also close by the showers to  wash dishes. For those who camp in Vans at the Oaisis, there is a dump station. 

We have a group site  at the front of the property called El  Groupo. It can accommodate up to 8 people if you and your friends wanted to camp together. El Group dose have a flushable Porta John to its self.

There is Wifi available at the shower area to share your adventurers of the day with friends and family. 

Book with us through HipCamp and come join the adventure!

Tent Camping

Tent Camping

Paisano Azul Ranch Offers Big Bend’s Best Tent Camping and Campground Options-Rate Top Star on HipCamp!

Located in the mild desert climate of Terlingua, Paisano Azul Ranch offers a variety of unique tent camping opportunities for those ready to explore the nearby areas, such as -

Ghost Towns

Big Bend National Park

and the many exciting canoeing and rafting adventures on the Rio Grande.


The Oasis at Paisano Azul Ranch - Tent Camping

7 Sites are available for $39 per night.

Each site includes Shade Sails, a fire pit, and a picnic table.

These campsites share 4 Porta Johns that are cleaned daily - plus hot showers and dishwashing facilities, and WIFI in the common area.


A larger group site that can accommodate up to 12 people is available for $79 per night.

This site has its own Porta John, a large shade, and a rock fire-pit that can be used for cooking or just hanging out.


Ready to Book at The Oasis?


Paisano Azul Ranch is a 100% smoke-free campground.

If you have a question about Paisano Azul Ranch, please contact our staff online, by phone/text at (817) 312-6862, or by email.

Keep current with Paisano Azul Ranch’s updates and special offers by following them on Instagram and Facebook.

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