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Fall Fun in Terlingua Texas!

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Fall is the perfect time to start heading west! The desert is cooling off, the scenery is stunning due to the recent rains and Terlingua is bustling with activity. Big Bend National Park is alive with hikers, paddlers and site seers. The town of Terlingua is starting to host all kinds activities.

October is a bustling month with the Ride 4 trails mid month and the 3rd Annual Run to Terlingua October 13-15, 2023. Saddle up and come on down to Terlingua, TX on whatever your motorcycle of choice and ride the roads. Enjoy the very famous river road in the Big Bend State park. It never disappoints. Also enjoy many of the other great roads in the National Park.

If you're not into motorcycles and love a good run, come and participate in the Marathon 2 Marathon race at the end of October. This run is a 26.2 mile race starting in Marathon and goes through stunning terrain and 4,000ft altitude. A half marathon, 10k an 5k options are also available. Registration can be done at the events page of the City of Marathon website.

We can't forget the International Terlingua Chili Cook Off! It is in its 56th year! Traditionally held the first week of Novemember, it will be held November 1-4th, 2023. Come and enjoy great music, a terrifically fun time and fantastic chili! If you are into great honky tonk music, a little bird told me that Mike and the Moonrise will be playing at the Chili cookout on Nov. 3rd! (Date Correction: Mike and the Moon Pies on Nov 3rd)

With all of the fun upcoming activities, snag your place to stay now. Rentals are starting to book up. Secure your rental before they are gone. Book with us at Paisano Azul Ranch! We are centrally located to the fun activities. We are minutes away from the National Park, restaurants, bars and the Terlingua Ghost Town. Book with us at We look forward to seeing you this Fall!

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