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The 5 best Eateries in Terlingua, Texas

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Hello everyone, I've decided to start a blog about our business, Paisano Azul Ranch, things to do in Terlingua and the Big Bend area to the best of my ability. I hope we will have fun and learn about this amazing area together. So, let's get started.

I started coming down to the Terlingua area in 2016. Believe it or not, the little town of Terlingua has grown in the past 6 years! There were only a few restaurants at the time. One has closed. A few have changed locations or changed owners, but the food has always stayed exceptional. These are my Top 5 placed to grab a bite and refuel after a long day of hiking, biking or paddling.

#5 Venga

The Venga is located at 45 Kempf Rd. The Venga is new to the eateries in Terlingua, but definitely has earned acclaim for it food offering. The Venga has yummy hand crafted coffee to get you ready for the day. The breakfast offerings are numerous and will satisfy any craving. On Saturday and Sundays, the Venga offers free Mimosas! The Venga has a cool, laid back vibe. You can stop by for a quick bite or hang out all day in comfy chairs and couches relax all day.

#4 Chili Pepper Cafe

The Chili Pepper cafe is located at 100 TX, Hwy 118. The Chili Pepper has great mexican food. It is open in the mornings, so if you are hankering for the all favorite breakfast burrito, the chili pepper has you covered. For lunch, a large selection of Mexican food favorites including gooey cheese enchiladas that will hit the spot. It has a covered outdoor patio with beautiful plants which give the patio a wonderful, boho outdoor feel.

3#LongDraw Pizza

LongDraw Pizza is located at 22720 FM 170. I have to say hands down, this is my favorite pizza joint in TEXAS! JS. They have a wide selection of pizza toppings and crusts. My particular favorite is Six Shooter on a cauliflower crust. You can have a cold beer with your pizza or a glass of wine. Do try to make plans to go during the week or weekend, because they are closed on Monday and Tuesdays.

#2 DB's Rustic Iron BBQ

DB's has recently moved to 10 Terlingua Ghost town Rd. DB's BBQ is phenomenal. The brisket is lean and perfectly smoked and the ribs melt in your mouth! (I'm making myself hungry,lol). DB's has a great selection of beers and seltzer drinks. He runs nightly specials during the week and has Karaoke on Friday's! So if your hungry for some good BBQ, DB's is the place! He is closed on Monday's.

#1 Starlight Theater

Startlight Theater is located 631 Ivey Rd. Starlight is the iconic restaurant which everyone needs to eat at to say they visited Terlingua. The texas style food is mouthwatering and the atmosphere is fun and funky. They have a large selection of delicious margaritas or any other drink you may fancy. Get there early to get your name on the list for seating. You can enjoy your drink while sitting on the porch looking at the Chisos Mountains while waiting for your table. The starlight theater is great place to meet friends, hang out and enjoy great Texas Music.

I hope you find the this blog helpful and I'll see you around town!

Paisano Azul Ranch

725 Road Runner Circle

Terlingua, Tx. 79852

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